Our Equalities Statement

At St Joseph’s we are committed to our Public Sector equality duty (PSED), whereby we must have due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010.  We aim to ensure equality of opportunity for all pupils, staff, parents and carers irrespective of race, gender, disability, belief, sexual orientation, age or socio economic background.

Equality in our Curriculum:

  • To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. We aim to meet this objective with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity.
  • To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through direct teaching across the curriculum.
  • To move beyond deterministic notions of fixed ability and to model teaching and learning behaviours that avoid labelling.
  • To narrow the gap between the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and non-disadvantaged pupils attainment in reading, writing and maths in the primary phase (Y2 – Y6).
  • To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experience, both in and beyond the school.
  • To eradicate prejudice related bullying in relation to the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010.
  • To tackle prejudice and promote understanding in relation to people with disabilities.
  • Ensuring equality of access for all pupils and preparing them for life in a diverse society as Catholics in modern Britain.
  • Providing opportunities for pupils to appreciate their own culture and celebrate the diversity of other cultures
  • Seeking to involve all parents in supporting their child’s education


(Please refer also to the nine key principles of St Joseph’s Equality policy available on the school website.


Equality in Admissions:

Our admission arrangements are fair and transparent and in line with those of the Catholic Education service (CES) which cites ‘ For schools with a religious character the exceptions also apply to anything done in connection with admissions or in relation to the responsible body of such schools i.e. for Catholic schools the school’s governing body.’

Further information regarding this can be found via the following link:



Equal Opportunities for staff:

All staff appointments and promotions are made on the basis of merit and ability and in compliance with the law.


The school has a full and separate Equalities Policy (available on the school website). Please consult this for further details.