Admissions Nursery and School

Children may join the nursery in September, January or at Easter following their third birthday.

If you live in Stockport you should apply for your Nursery/Reception/Secondary school places through the Stockport link below

If you live in Tameside you can apply here for your Nursery place through the Stockport link and apply for Reception/Secondary school place through the Tameside link


 STOCKPORT Link                             TAMESIDE Link


 30 hours funding website:

Eligible dates of birth and Closing Dates

Admission Types
Birth dates between
Application closing date
Offer date
Nursery, January 2024 1st September 2020 - 31st December 2021 31st October 2023 Late November
Nursery, April 2024 1st September 2020 - 31st March 2021 15th February 2024 March 2024
Nursery, September 2024 1st September 2020 - 31st August 2021 31st March 2024 18th May 2024
Primary (Reception), September 2024 1st September 2019 - 31st August 2020 15th January 2024 16th April 2024
Secondary (Year 7), September 2024 1st September 2012 - 31st August 2013 31st October 2023 1st March 2024


Nursery Admission Policy 2023/24

Main School Admission Policy 2023/24

Nursery Admission Policy 2024/25

Main School Admission Policy 2024/25

Induction Meeting

Nursery Induction Meeting.pdf .pdf
Reception Induction Meeting.pdf .pdf