At St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, the aims of our maths curriculum are: 

To develop fluency in the fundamentals of mathematics.

To reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language.

To solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems.

The White Rose scheme is used from Reception to Y6 providing continuity and consistency as children move towards Mastery in their maths learning. Other resources are also used to provide deeper reasoning and problem solving, such at those provided by  'I See Maths' and NCETM.  

Early Years

In early years the children experience maths everyday through whole class teaching, focused activities with an adult and through play opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Maths is discovered, explored, discussed and made sense of from the child's own perspective, guided and facilitated by the adults.  

 Key Stage 1

In Year 1 and 2 maths learning is explored through concrete apparatus such as a tens frame, Base Ten apparatus and the part whole model. This enables the child to develop a secure understanding of number as they start to select apparatus to manipulate whilst they make sense of number, place value and calculations. Children reason and explain their maths using maths vocabulary and journal  to show their learning in pictorial (pictures / models) and abstract (numbers). 


Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 learning continues to be supported by concrete resources and pictorial representations such as part-whole, bar model and place value counters. There is an emphasis on developing solid arithmetic skills, quick recall of key facts and curiosity around number connections. Explaining and reasoning are an integral part of the maths lessons in order for children to develop a solid understanding of the maths concepts and learning. 

All classrooms, Nursery up to Y6,  have a Working Wall  to help learning 'stick'  and to act as the 'silent teacher' so that  children  can refer to it when they are unsure or need a little reminder. This shows the current learning in Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract form and vocabulary is displayed alongside sentence stems to help children construct clear, succinct and exact explanations. 

In the Maths Journals you will see learning organised into 'Do it, Twist it, Deepen it'. In the 'Do it' you will see fluency being accomplished, in 'Twist it'  Blowdyn arrives with a misconception that the children have to correct using the learning from the session, and in the 'Deepen it'  the learning is applied in a problem, reasoning activity  or investigation. Purple pen is used for revisits after work has been seen by the teacher. 

We have also subscribed to Times Table Rockstar for keeping those multiplication skills sharp. All children have their own login details. Use this link to take you to the page!  Times Table Rockstar.

We take learning the times tables seriously at St Josephs!

In Year 4, in the run up to the Multiplication Test Check, the classes are split into smaller groups according to the  tables they most need to focus on.  They practice with the counting stick, chanting, quick fire questions, looking at patterns in the answers, using known facts, 2 minute tests and using the website to see scores improve!   ALL HAVING FUN!

This year they blasted their way through their Multiplication Check and were very proud of themselves!