Prayer and Liturgy is the time we take each day giving praise and thanks to God.  Through our daily prayers and weekly reflection on the Gospel, the children have the opportunity to develop their relationship with God and know that they can turn to him when they are finding things hard or want to thank him for the things they are grateful for.

In our weekly class reflection on the Gospel, we think about what Jesus is teaching us and how we can act out these teachings in our everyday life.  The children are encouraged to take time meditating, being still and quiet so that they learn to appreciate the world around them and become closer to God by speaking to him in their own words. Please take the time to pray with your child at home.

As well as weekly Gospel reflection in class led by the children, prayer visits to the Chapel and hymn practice, we have weekly 'W' assemblies, termly year group Masses in Church and whole school masses throughout the Year.  It has been very special to be able to come together again in Church to worship this Year.  


Class Assemblies

So far this term all our classes in Years 2-6 have led assemblies on a range of topics including, charity work, Black History month, environmental issues, St Andrew and Advent.  These have been attended by parents and other classes in the phase group and the children did a wonderful job of sharing what they had learnt, as can be seen from the Assembly Big Book below.  

Prayer Stations

Prayer stations are 5-10 minute prayer activities that are designed by different classes and are set up in the hall. They are typically interactive, inviting the children to read/listen/reflect and then respond to God’s voice. They involve more than just our mind, engaging our body and our emotions as well. The children have had the opportunity to visit the different prayer stations and have spent quiet time reflecting and spending time in God’s presence.


Below you can see children participating in our Advent Prayer Stations, helping them to reflect on how Christmas is is not just a time of giving and receiving presents, but for celebrating Jesus’ birthday and why he is so special to us.