After School Clubs


Come and learn a new skill, have fun, get active, get crafty or get thinking hard with one of our clubs!


Our clubs are provided by professional coaches, as well as  staff, and  the aim  is for the clubs  to enrich the curriculum and be a source of stimulation and fun for all ages.   We  are committed to using the outdoor spaces come rain or shine,  so that we can  provide a range of activities and make full use of our school space. 


Some of the clubs our children have enjoyed include: Chess, Dodgeball, Craft club, Girls' football, Boys' football, Multi-sport, Debate Mate, Forest Fun, Irish Dancing and Spanish. There is something for everyone and all year groups have at least one club offered.  We hope you will all join in!

What our children have to say... 

Debate Mate

'A great club, you learn to speak your mind and say what you think without being disrespectful,' Enoch, Y6 

'It taught us tactics to debate with other people,'  Breya, Y6

'THere's no wrong or right answer, just different opinions,' Timmy, Y6 


'Teaches you what all of the chess pieces do, how they move, how to win pieces,' Fergal, Y6

'It's fun and you learn new strategies to play, 'Michael, Y4

'Mr Hardy does things in a particular way. He teaches us new skills and makes sure we get on, with no ,easing around!' Evie, Y4

'You really think hard and work your brain!' Dominic, Y6.

Irish Dancing

'Just come along, and learn,' Aine, Y2

'You learn my favourite steps...hop, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, hop, hop, jump 2, 3!'  Olivia, Y2

'It's ok, you can do it!' 


'Go to fencing because you can learn a new skill,' Louie, Y3

'I like it when you get the swords and urge or attack!' Jacob, Y3

Girls Football

'Girls' football is great fun. Active! Competitive but all in good fun!' Miya, Y6.

'Team spirited fun!' Eva, Y6

'It's very fun and enjoyable, you have a laugh and it's very fair!' Katie, Y6

Boys' Football

'If you like football and playing with your friends, you should 100% try this club,'  Thomas, Y6



'You play games and it's really fun!' Grace, Y2.

'You have to try to hit the other team and dodge the ball when it's thrown at you,'  Y3.