Student Councillors


Meet the team!

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Our New School Council

To begin the school year and prepare for School Council elections, the children from Year 2 to Year 6 talked and learned about democracy in Britain and how we can use this in School. We discussed how elections work in our government, and how this principle can be applied to electing our School Council members.

We had an exciting start to the year with our very own secret ballot in each class. Each class member was given the opportunity to run for School Council. Those who chose to run did a fantastic job giving a speech in class, making their values clear to their peers.

All the children had the opportunity to vote for their class representative. The children had to carefully choose their candidate based on the candidate’s values after they had given their speeches.

Well done to all the children that ran for School Council. You did a fantastic job, and made your class and St Joseph's Primary School very proud.

Congratulations to all the children that are now the newest members of our School Council!


How to keep involved

Make sure to tell your Class Representative about any concerns or suggestions, so that they can bring these ideas to School Council Meetings which are held every two weeks on a Tuesday.  Any information discussed at the meeting will be fed back to classes by councillors.

Our Plans for This Year

The new School Council wants to make sure your voice is heard!

So far, Councillors have brought many ideas to the meetings which have come from class discussion and private discussions with peers about what would improve our school life.

So far, these are the actions we have decided to work on:

  1. Year 5 have asked for more football nets for lunchtime.
  2. Playground equipment monitors to check on correct use of equipment and to inform an adult if they see a child misusing, to avoid the entire class having the equipment confiscated.
  3. A ‘buddy bench’ for children who are lonely/sad at break time so they always have someone to play with.
  4. Litter picking around school, wearing special jackets with grabbing sticks.
  5. Councillors voiced that they would like to have school council badges to wear in school. 

Achievements so far

So far, after deciding the actions we felt were most important, these are the achievements we have made...

  1. New football nets ordered and delivered for Upper Key Stage 2.
  2. A buddy bench system has been discussed and we have had a trial run of this. We will try to implement this more regularly after the Christmas break.
  3. Badges were ordered and delivered to Councillors who are now proudly wearing them around school.